Life, Love and a Little Bit of Grace
Paul J. Webster
Published by: A Book’s Mind

Love is more than a moment
It’s spending our life together
Knowing you’re inside of me
Begins my tomorrow forever

Life has a passion for giving and receiving love. If you add a little bit of grace as the main ingredient this life is worth living. My introduction to wonder occurred while sitting on a hill overlooking a white sandy beach in Vietnam. I’m watching the crystal blue tides roll in as feeding birds dive into the crashing waves. There’s this huge sun setting in the foreground and the brilliance of the scene overwhelms me. I’m in awe of this God who can place me in such a terrible place but still show me life’s wonder. He’s made me aware of the true beauty contained in this world. And this is my small attempt to replicate His majesty. I ended the work with “A Blessing”. This is my gift given for you, so as you read this work I pray God will look down upon you, be gracious to you and give you peace. Thank you for reading.


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