You are here for a reason:

What if you could help spread the truth of Christianity right here, right now?

God has sent you here because you are a courageous warrior and He knows you will help. Truth is under severe attack, and there are too few courageous warriors who are willing to fight to save Christianity. When you stand before Christ on judgement day, will you be able to say that you helped put God back in America?

Open your heart to Jesus and let Him guide you to a contribution that will empower His name for generations to come. Your contribution will help raise Christian awareness in America and minister the word of our savior to those who are lost. Now is the time for Christians to fight back! Your generous contribution will help spread TRUTH across America like wild fire. Be a messenger of God and bring Christianity back to this beautiful nation by sharing this page with other courageous warriors who are willing to fight for their beliefs!

There are three ways you can contribute:

Monthly Contribution

Your monthly contribution is a wonderful and continued blessing! Each month the same amount will be automatically withdrawn.

Contribution Options

One Time Contribution

Whether it’s giving the amount you spend on your daily coffee or your auto loan, know that this blessing is greatly appreciated!

Mail Your Contribution

We realize that how much your faith means to you does not always match the size of your bank account. Any contribution, large or small, is a great blessing.

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